Victoria Dikaiopoulou

Victoria Dikaiopoulou was born and raised in Piraeus. She studied Preschool Education and attended seminars on games, teaching materials and storytelling. She worked in kindergartens, daycare centers, camps and took care of children at home. Salamina has been a place of residence in recent years.

Her first book "Fairy Tale" with 12 magical tales was created when she decided  to write down the stories she first told to her children. (This book is now translated into English and travels almost all over the world.)

The challenges of motherhood prompted her to attend psychology and personal development seminars to understand and improve human relationships, emotion management, experiential game and creativity seminars, and educational seminars for parents and teachers on promoting mental health.

In recent years she has worked as a special assistant for children with special needs, as she has a certificate of annual training in special education, from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Later she attended an educational seminar on: Psychology of infant, child and adolescent. It also organizes educational programs for children related to emotional education, cooperation and friendship, environmental protection, etc.

She loves nature and reading. She continues her education and personal development, as the more supplies she has, the more she will be able to offer to her children, but also to the children of the whole world.

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