Christos Voudouris

Christos Voudouris studied Philosophy at the University of Tubingen, Germany. He also graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria. The subject of his first graduate thesis was “Praxis as the way to know God, in the works of Saint Augustine Confessiones”, and his second thesis’ was “Human sordidness and the liberation of conscience, in a Talmud on the subject of the obley in the Jewish religious tradition. “His postgraduate thesis, on which this book is based, was titled “Die Verwandlung does Subjekts bei Foucault und Castaneda” [The Metamorphosis of the Subject in Foucalt and Canstaneda].

Voudouris is also the founder of the Applied Practical Philosophy laboratory “Clinical Philosophy”, ( as well as an instigator and co-organiser of a biannual international philosophical symposium in the island of Samothraki, Greece.

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