Dimitra Papanastasopoulou

Dimitra Papanastasopoulou has studied Hotel Management in the island of Rhodes and Economics in the University of Thessaloniki. She has published the following books in Greek: “Like ears through time” (Dioptra 2012), “In the shadow of the centuries” (Dioptra 2013), “Out of wood and silver” (Dioptra 2015), “Absolute passion” (Empeiria 2017), “When the light falls silent” (Anemos 2018), “Sybille, the price of hubris” (Anemos 2019). She has also taken part in a Christmas collection “Where are you going in a Christmas day?” (Empeiria 2017), and in a crime fiction collection “Games of thrones in Byzantium” (I.Write 2019).

You can find her articles in the following sites: The Mythologists, iporta.gr, books and style.gr and in her own blog myownnovelsworld.gr

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