Ilias Garlas

Ilias Garlas was born in Athens in spring, many years after the invention of printing.

His first book came out in 2006 entitled Where is the Slogan, eh?, which ranked among the top best sellers.

He graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering to understand how Don Quixote’s windmills worked but, eventually, became a journalist looking for the truth of the story.

He published hundreds of articles in newspapers until, one summer, on his way to the Cyclades, he dropped out of mass media and went into the art of Advertising when he saw a seagull fly, just like Jonathan.

Ever since, ‘Creative Director’ has been written on his business card.

He has been awarded at Creative Advertising festivals over the past fifteen years.

His imaginary tale The 12 Labours of Dad & Other Adventures was written by himself and his children.

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