Jimmy Corinis

Jimmy, often called in numerous interviews and TV shows, "a mythical person", "a legend", "Master", "Maitre", "Patriarch of crime fiction" and recently “Mozart of Noir”, sold his first crime story published at the age of 14 and became a full-time professional detective story-writer at 18, writing for the cult magazine "MASKA", the equivalent of the American pulp "The BLACK MASK Magazine", eventually becoming its Editor 8 years later and for 11 years. He also wrote and translated crime stories for "MYSTERY MAGAZINE" as well as a host of other large-circulation Greek magazines. He broke into show business with a semi-documentary based on a series of reports called Athens by Night, a host of commercials he wrote and directed and eventually television, writing and directing two Sitcoms, one 13-episode police procedural, one 9 episode thriller as well as five 60-minute thrillers for the Greek National Television Network. He also wrote 24 murder half-hour mysteries for a whodunit series and a 9 episode serial titled Summer Traps. He was Associate Producer in an American film starring Keir Dulea and Kirstie Alley, and wrote the initial screenplay that started the Christopher Columbus saga. Three of his mystery novels were serialized in EIKONES, a top seller weekly Greek magazine. Four of his former serialized novels have been published in book form. For a brief period, he was CEO of the TV Network Star Channel. While living in Britain, he wrote two children books for the New English Library and was a member of the Writers Guild of Gt Britain and the Directors Guild of Gt Britain. Last year, his screenplay "Columbus - The Story Never Told" was optioned to an Australian-French film company and his screenplay Quest for Troy was a finalist in an International Screenplay Competition. Since 2011 Jimmy has seen 6 of his most recent novels published and he is expecting his 7th and his 8th in the Spring, besides The Hour of the Phoenix and Tempest in Macedonia published by New Haven Publishing. He is an Honorary Member of the Directors Guild of Greece. His moniker - the "Dinosaur".

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