Lena Kyropoulos

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Lena Kyropoulos is a media lobbyist personality, Journalist, entrepreneur and poet.

She is the General Secretary of the Audit Committee of the Association European Journalists: www.aej.gr  

She has traveled to many neighborhoods around the world, 53 countries to be exact, as an export executive, www.pitapasta.com. She has studied Physiotherapy and her big love is journalism. She works for our expatriate channel-media platform in Toronto, Canada and www.bcimediainc.com and writes for the digital newspaper as well as the Italian magazine www.lafiacolla.it ,www.politispress.gr Together with her teams they created the show “PERSONALITIES” As a radio producer on the Greek Diaspora radio www.radiomelodia.ca She loves colorful people, tender souls, she loves refined tastes, travel and foreign languages – she speaks 4! In 2019 she comes out 8th in all the Balkans at Eurovision of Poetry, among 49 countries, and for 2020 she is the Ambassador of the Institution officially for Greece, which is supported from Forbes and UNESCO www.milidueli.com . She participates in Gold Literature Encyclopedia of Haris Patsis. 2020 she is the radio moderator on radio show “PERSONALITIES ON AIR” with BCI MEDIA and RADIO, STRIMONICA. In 2020 she became the Ambassador for communication and personal development in Ecumenical Delphic Union. In 2020 she became the Communication Specialist and Foreign Affairs for ontimebooks In 2021 she has released her first poetry collection called: TETRACTYS in www.ontimebooks.net in U.K. In 2021 she is teaching Marketing lessons in www.heptapolis.com

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