Nikos Michalopoulos

Nikos Michalopoulos was born and raised in Athens.
He is a graduate of the Pedagogical Department of the University of Athens.
Teacher - The last 15 years in primary schools of socially vulnerable groups (gypsy children, returnees).
Seconded to the Central Service of the Ministry of Education with a disposition in Olympic Stadium of Athens for its educational programs of the Ministry of Education at the Olympic Stadium of Athens.
Upon invitation, he has given speeches and events in more than 500 schools in Greece, Cyprus and abroad, talking to students about sports, nutrition, environment, bullying, as well as values ​​of life through sports, the power of dreams in our lives, value of transcendence and the importance of activism.

Gold medal in javelin throwing at the European Masters Games in Turin, Italy, 9 times Champion of Greece Masters in javelin throwing and 5 times Balkan Masters. Finalist of the World Track and Field Masters Championship Porto Alegre-Brazil.

A member of the largest sports and charity foundation in the world, LAUREUS SPORT FOR GOOD FOUNDATION, which uses sports as a means for positive social change, in December 2010, placed the Greek flag at 6,000m. Mount Kilimanjaro, raising money for the MATHARE YOUTH SPORT ASSOCIATION nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in Nairobi, which hosts children from the Nairobi slums.
His participation brought Greece to the 1st place, collecting for the purpose of the mission the most money from all participating athletes from countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, the United States, South Africa.

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