Olga Liaratzi

Olga Liaratzi was born in Alexandroupoli, but has lived in Salonica over the past forty years. She graduated from the School of Philosophy at the University of Thessaloniki, more specifically from the Faculty of Archaeology and Art. She worked as a Greek teacher at public schools in Salonica and from 1984 to 1988 attended some post-graduate seminars on the History and Sociology of Education and Vocational Training at the Free University of Brussels. She has been writing literature over the past ten years. She has published the following novels: ‘When the Bosphorus Wept” by Pigi-iWrite Publications, which sold 25000 copies in the summer of 2017. “The Dark Portrait” by Pigi-iWrite Publications. “The Witches of the Thermaic Gulf” is the third novel that came out with Pigi-iWrite.

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