Sakis Tsilikis

Sakis Tsilikis was born in Alexandroupoli, studied music at the National Conservatory of Northern Greece and theatre in Salonica. He is concerned with all forms of art and communication with a view to fostering culture. As a student, he composed music for the National Theatre of Northern Greece and in the same year his song ‘My old friend from the army years’ at the Thessaloniki Festival was awarded first prize for its music. In 1975, when he completed his studies, he came to Athens, where he began working with Dimitris Potamitis at the Erevna (‘Research’) Theatre. Ever since, he has composed the music for a large number of plays that were put on Dimitris Potamitis’ main and children’s stage. During the same period, he embarked on a collaboration with ERT (the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (HBC for short)) on both the radio and television by composing music for a wide range of shows (entertainment, theatre, children’s broadcasts and others). This cooperation lasted for almost twenty years. Sakis Tsilikis has set to music poems by Greek and foreign poets, like Ritsos, Elytis, Seferis, Cavafy, Prévert, Mayakovsky and Lorca.

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