Spyros Rolakis

Spyros Rolakis is an Air Traffic Controller and an author. He was born in Machera of Heraklion, Crete. He studied Electronics at the Athens Technological Educational Institute and Physicist at the University of Athens. He lives and works as an Air Traffic Controller in Heraklion. He has been for 27 years long unionist in various positions. He has been president of the local club of Heraklion airport for 15 years and last president of the Greek Air Traffic Controller Association. He is married and he has 2 children. He has published two poetry collections, "Parotrinsis" and "Lexis", and the books "A true Syndicalist story", "Love and the Universe", "Mythical Adventures" and "Anthill". His newest book "The Angelic Vaccine" is going to be published very soon. "Love and the Universe" has been translated in English by a fan of the book with the title "Eros and Cosmos". Since January 2021, "Eros and Cosmos" has been released by ON TIME BOOKS with the title "Love and Universe". Spyros Rolakis has been a writer since 2014.

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