Eleni Paiteri

The Eleni Paiteri Award is an international literary award named after a beloved member of, OnTime Books’ family.
Who is


Eleni Pateri was born in the 1960s in Athens to a bourgeois family. She worked with passion in the field of fashion where she gained fame by taking managerial positions in big companies. In 2016, she decided to leave Greece behind and live permanently in England. Three years later, when she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer, Eleni gave a brave fight to the disease. Eight months later, in March 2020, unfortunately, she passed away.
What is the Eleni Paiteri Foundation?
The foundation is affiliated with GAP ADVERTISING ltd, which is the parent company of OnTime Books.
How does OnTime Books connect with Eleni Paiteri?
It is related to blood ties in the family.
Who will benefit from this institution?

People of modern Greek literature, young Greek writers and people who want to pursue a career in publishing as well as in all related professions (graphic designers, communicators, etc.)

What are the actions of the institution?
Activities include events, competitions, seminars and scholarships
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