Aesop’s Secret Book #1


By Cristina Kay


Seasons change and so do stories. Old but great
stories travel in time on the wind of thought,
sending new messages to people. Either through
the pages of a book or on a computer or mobile
phone screen. That’s the case with my secret
stories. I decided it’s time I revealed them to
you, that’s why they are no longer secret. You’ll
ask me, my dear children: Why should I do this?
There is only one reason: to provide people,
young and old, with ideas on how to live better.
So that they will become happier and happier,
just like Terra the Tortoise and Speedy the Hare
so as Fiona the Fox and Caw the Crow in these
old but brand new stories of mine.

With lots of love,



Cristina Kay

Cristin Kay (Christina Kollias) was born in Greece. Under the affectionate sun of her  country, she learnt how to care for people and be inspired by its poets and myths.           She is a writer, a social therapist and a Personal Development Counsellor. This long journey led her to research and the creation of the therapeutical method “I read-I express myself-I set myself free,” which she presented at the Second International Conference for Creative Writing.           She is the coordinator of various Creative and Therapeutical Writing workshops and has collaborated with important agents and bodies in her country, such as the University of Athens structures.           She loves children, that is why she often shares her stories with them, either through her books at Museums and through art, or through Nature, inspiring them to write fairytales and poems.           She does the same with adult groups as she believes that the therapeutical power of writing can reveal the wonderful child they hide deep within, so that she may help them rewrite their stories, correcting all that is necessary in order for them to live better.           She is member of the educational team of the Greek Network for Group Analysts and the Group Analytic Society International.           Six individual works, children books and poetry books, have been published in the Greek language and she has taken part in many collective works.           Some works of hers have been awarded, presented at scientific seminars and conferences and put on stage for social causes.           She lives in Athens and in her spare time she likes walking around the Acropolis or Sounion, making birthday cakes for her beloved persons and communicating with friends from all over the world.

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