Alexandros Remember : The Sun Will Rise Again


By Matina Kiriakou


“Wait a minute. Wait, I’m telling you. Don’t miss this minute… hold on to it. It won’t come back… It won’t return… You can do this chore later. You can clean the kitchen another time. You can write that email another moment. Hold on to it… you’ll miss it, I’m telling you… That minute he asks you to play together. That minute he looks at you in the eyes and smiles, telling you to do something with him now. That minute he is three years and two months old and that one he’s six years and three months old. It won’t come back… What is it you don’t understand? No minute is ever coming back. Ask me… I’ve been counting them one by one. Live your kid. LIVE THAT MINUTE.”

The true story of a boy named Alexandros. While suffering from cancer and in children’s hospital, he made a medal of honour for all the struggling kids, a badge saying, “Remember: The Sun Will Rise Again,” in an effort to spread hope and strength. His mum’s diary will make you reconsider what is important in this life and what is not. Feelings of love will overwhelm you if you can… forgive them!


Matina Kiriakou


eBook, Paperback