CHE at Exarcheia


by Dimitris Lampos


Che was not simply a consistent revolutionary. He was much more than that. He was the conscience of social revolution. That’s why he still lives as a spiritual entity. Actually, many people got to know him after his death. A few familiarised themselves with him through his writings and many through the praise others heaped on him or through their aphorisms. This means that Che still lives and develops in our conscience as well as in the collective consciousness of humanity that is striving for the sake of New Man, for a better world. As the “bosses”, the spheres of influence and the would-be rulers of this dark world do all they can to make us forget about him; in other words, to stop “being realistic and fighting for the impossible”. Che, imitating Marx, who appeared in Soho, decided to appear at Exarcheia with this gripping theatrical monologue.


Dimitris Lampos

Dimitris Lampos ( was born in Berlin in 1978, studied Economics (BA) and International Economics (MSc) at the University of Essex, UK, and lives in Athens. He worked for a while as a journalist, economist and financial researcher. His interests lie in poetry, literature and music creation, and he has also worked as a music producer. His most celebrated works are: The Story of a Misanthrope, poetry, PARASKINIO Publications. Don’t be afraid of the herd, music, vinyl, LYRA. The Motionless City, short stories, KOUKKIDA Publications. Lampoons, songs and laments for the 21st century, music, vinyl, METRONOMOS. Against Cronus, poetry, KOUKKIDA Publications. Uprising, music, vinyl, PROTASIS. He has been writing, editing and presenting

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