Cinderella’s syndrome


by Ilianna Likoudi


As you look at me
The morals of the world are
fighting to the death



My therapist once told me that what I was going through at the time was called «Cinderella Syndrome». This made me sad.

Was I the only one that wanted to wear the glass slippers? Was I the only one waiting for the prince to arrive on the golden chariot, Romeo and Erotokritos to serenade me below my balcony, the seven dwarves to take care of me, the moster to magically transform into a prince, the big bad wolf to drown, and Odysseus to come home?

I’ve been trying to figue out through years of self-reflection why I had been looking for fairy-tale endings in real-life situations.

Why did I fall for all this stories?

I’ll let you know if I come across the answer.


Ilianna Likoudi

Ilianna Likoudi, née Ninidakis, was born in Chicago, USA, in 1973. She hails from Cephalonia and Crete. She was brought up in Athens and currently lives in Rethymno. She works as a dental technician. She has attended music classes at the Phillipos Nakas Conservatory and at the Athens National Conservatory. In 2007, her first poetry collection came out entitled “Don’t be mischievous” (53 haiku poems, Gavriilides Publications), then in 2016 was published her second collection (Crete’s poems, Gavriilides Publications). As early as 1994, she composed music and written verses. In Crete, she is considered to be one of the most significant representatives of her generation in the field of mantinada, with notable collaborations.

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