Erotic Vertigo


By Mika Mavroyiannis


Othrys: the inactive orchestra of the universe steeply looming and eerily imposing, as though God bestowed all His blessings on this mountain. In a remote corner of its female soul, where the untainted fragrance wafts in the air like a caress, light as an angel’s feather, in a mountainous embrace full of dense fir trees, runs the crystal water, furrowing the earth. Home to Nymphs born in caves and deeply rooted stalactites — a geophysical wonder — stands the Water Cave. Does the surrounding verdant valley want to clutch it close to its breast or hide it?
There, close to the mouth of the Water Cave, a girl discovers love in the face of a man she bumps into. She gets intoxicated by gods’ acrid myrrh which shows her that she lives in another world. It’s so strange that this becomes the meaning of life that seeks to unite them!

Mika Mavroyiannis composes the chords of love where the heroine gets lost…only to find a better self.


Mika Mavroyiannis

Mika Mavroyiannis was born in Lamia, but permanently lives in Volos. She showed her interest in writing as early as the age of nine when she wrote her first novella. With her teachers’ consent, she is still writing novels and poems nonstop. In the past, she ran a business and attended Creative Writing seminars. In 2009, she was awarded the 2nd Best Poem Prize by the Panhellenic Association of Literary Writers. Her poem was entitled ‘Neither sail nor shore’, which was set to music later on. In 2015, her first novel entitled ‘Sentenced with no trial’ (based on a true story) was published with Fylatos Editions. There followed three more novels (a trilogy) and two collections of poetry (a dilogy) with Ostria Editions. Her book ‘Erotic Vertigo’ was inspired by Greek Mythology and the philosophy and tradition of her country, Greece. Her latest novel entitled ‘Dining with Death’ came out with DERE Publications in 2021.

eBook, Paperback