Follow Fos


By Erifyli Grapsa


Little Fos lives underwater, together with their parents, However, no one can breathe without wearing their Vitas, some special oxygen devices. Fos’s secret dream is to follow the dream of the Waterman, the only one who managed to escape to the land and breathe like a free man! Will Fos make it? Will she reach her destination?A tale with many twists is coming to blow your mind.


Erifyli Grapsa

Erifyli   Grapsa  was  born  in  Agrinio, where  she  lived  the  first  years  of  her  life. He  has  graduated  from  the  drama   school ‘’ Empros  ‘’, as  well  as  from   the  department  of  environmental  engineering  in  Chania. She   lives   in   Athens . She  has  been  a  singer  and  actress  in  various performances  in  Athens  and  Agrinio. He  has  attended  theatrical  and  performance  classes  in  London  and is  currently  teaching  children. ‘’ Follow  Fos ‘’, is  the  first  book   she writes   while  maintaining  a  daily  writing  website  and  also  writes  song  lyrics.

eBook, Paperback