From Aristotle to Hawking


by Paul Pissanos




Is there a BIG BANG? If so, what comes first, the fact or the law? What is space? Why does the universe expand? Could everything end in zero and our life have merely been a beautiful fairytale?

Where do Quantum Mechanics lead us? Can the entire universe fit inside a molecule in the mind of humans? Is the “human principle” a reality? Are man and the Universe two universes, and one fits inside the other? Are humans eternal, in an eternal world?

Who created the world? Who oversees the world’s functioning? Is the universe theocratic. How does God’s mind work? Is a man part of the universal God? Does man participate in the creation of the world?

From Aristotle to Hawking
HOW DOES NATURE WORK? How does nature’s clockwork? Do animals and plants have souls? Could animals have “knowledge of the future”? Could the entire kingdom of nature be the “hard disk of a computer? What is the miracle of life? What is birth, reproduction, death, and birth?
Paul Pissanos has been involved with painting, sculpture, poetry, literature, music and film direction throughout his life. As an author, he has written more than 90 books and screenplays, archaeological, historical-theological, and scientific which he filmed as documentaries which today are shown on television, at universities and in schools all over the world. He is the presenter on Greek television of the scientific program APOCRYPHAL HARMONY; he writes a scientific column “Today is Sun-day” for the newspaper “ADESMEFTOS”; ‘he directs all the documentaries he produces; he is president of the Universal Intellectual Centre “OLYMPOS” whose members are Academicians, professors, and scientists from all over the world, and which has honorary distinctions from many universities and foundations throughout the world for the idea of the “HEPTAPOLIS”. The spiritual aim of Paul Pissanos’s life is work has been the scientific demonstration of God and the relation of man to the Universe.

Analysis of the views of classical philosophers, including Pythagoras, Protagoras, Plato, Socrates, Anaxagoras, Aristotle and Plotin, about the “beginning of the world, written, presented and directed by PAUL PISSANOS With the participation of university professors and scientists from the fields of philosophy, physics, Astrophysics, mathematics and theology from Greek
and foreign universities.
Aristotle Nom to Hawking Tomico
Nominated for the Templeton International Prize 2007 – 2008


Paul Pissanos

Paul Pissanos was born in Athens in the difficult years of the Occupation. At a young age he founded the Organization “PISSANOS” and as the owner of an advertising company and producer of Greek and International TV programs became widely known in Greece and around the world. As a writer he wrote many books and scripts, Archaeological, Historical, Theological, and Scientific, which he turned to documentaries that are shown internationally on Television, Universities, Educational Institutions and Schools. He has been presenting the Philosophical Show “Apocryphal Harmony” for many years on Greek Television and participates in Scientific Conferences in many countries of the world. He has participated as a Producer of scientific documentaries at the Cannes Film Festival since 1988, resulting in his wider connection with the producers and TV stations of the world. Paul Pissanos’s work “From Aristotle to Hawking” was released in more than 100 countries as a book and documentary and was proposed by 10 University Professors and Academy Members of the World for the second time as a candidate for the Templeton International Prize 2007-2008. After the publication of his book, “The Laws of the Universe” he was offered Academic support for the Nobel Prize in Literature 2011. The new book of the author, entitled “Captain Nikolas“, which concerns the history of the Greek Nation in the last two centuries, will be released in 2021. He has published more than 250 philosophical articles in reputable newspapers. The goal of his life in the spiritual work of Paul Pissanos is the realization of the idea of “HEPTAPOLIS“, for which he has honorary distinctions and medals from many Universities and Institutions of Europe, America and Asia. For this purpose he founded the “OLYMPOS Association - Universal Intellectual Center”, where he is the President and is joined by Academicians, Professors, Researchers and Technocrats from many countries of the world, who are currently co-operating for the realization of  «HEPTAPOLIS-TRILOGY»:
  • HEPTAPOLIS – INTERNATIONAL GREEN POLIS and for two other cities :
For the idea of “HEPTAPOLISPaul Pissanos was awarded by the International Union of Olympiads, by the Zhivkova International Foundation, received a medal from Poznan University of Poland, was anointed a Regular Member and received a Gold Medal from His Royal Highness Prince of Portugal Dom Miguel de Braganca of Portugal’sHarmonia Universal” Research Program, was anointed likewise a Maltese Knight, received a Medal from the Albert Schweitzer International Foundation, is an active member of the International Academy of Social Sciences in Florida, USA, was awarded the Medal of the Order of the Pearl of the House of Sulu and North Borneo, was proclaimed Good Will Ambassador by the Governor of the State of Tennessee of the United States. Honorary distinctions and medals for the creation of “HEPTAPOLIS” were also given to Paul Pissanos from the “Zhivkova Foundation”, the University of Gottingen and many other Universities and Institutions of Europe, America and Asia. Link : Email : , Mobile phone : +306979787589