I Did It My Way


by Michaela Rafael


I did it my way: An Experiment constitutes a mind game that focuses on human psychology regarding human relationships and what these entail. It lays stress on the traps humans themselves set in their own lives, blinded by interest, illusion and passion. It all starts with the passage of time, when a couple’s erotic life is consigned to the chest of routine, along with all the faded photos and the beautiful, yet threadbare, memories.

What happens, though, when things are compounded and become a maelstrom inside a light-hearted character’s mind? Then, thoughts make everyday life harder and impede it.

‘I love you’ is a phrase you’ll often get to hear, but everyone pays lip service to love. It’s about time we explained the mistakes people usually make in their life.

With discreetness, wisdom and respect, the author carefully analyses characters and behaviours, giving another approach, reminding people of the joy of offering, and clashing with contemporary self-love, which is a corollary of indifference to our fellowman.

A riveting book, since it presupposes the acknowledgement of personal mistakes and advises against the disavowal of responsibility, which characterises all human roles. Unless we recognise our mistakes, we are in for relentless criticism — and relentless criticism speaks volumes about the relentless critic himself!


Michaela Rafael


eBook, Paperback