by Amy Kazazi


Two strangers cross paths at the same time, on the same bench, gazing at the autumn sea. She enjoys life with her soul’s eyes, while he observes things with the eyes of reason.

For the past six years, Myrto has lived at her fiancé’s place in Athens, trying to make her dreams come true. Alexander raises his five-year-old son, Phoebus. After his divorce, his character changed; he became distant and wary of people. A job ad will bring Myrto to his shop. Each one of them, for different reasons, is not ready and does not want to admit to the attraction they feel to each other. Some unexpected incidents and twists of fate will shake their peaceful lives.


Amy Kazazi

She was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She has studied Accounting and, for almost thirty years, she worked in this field. Over the past years, she has been living between Greece and England. Only recently has she been ‘bitten by the writing bug’, which she has adored. Love is the basic ingredient of her novels. This is the first book she wished to publish and, at her husband’s bidding, she decided to get it published with OnTime Books.

eBook, Paperback