Overcoming Covid and high temperature in a natural way – A diary


by Constantinos Lambropoulos


The book that you hold in your hands is the account of one person’s ‘encounter’  with Covid.  It is a positive story, describing how an ‘ordinary man living next door’, in his fifties, with a young, inquisitive mind and a body that bears the marks of time, as well as some ‘defects’ from past accidents, meets and leaves behind Covid and high temperature, utilising nothing more than the resources our Creator gave us.

In the beginning, you can read an account of what life experiences made the author search for answers and how this quest led him to the information he now possess that helped him overcome Covid and high temperature.

The book also seeks to show you that you have a choice. You can choose between living a healthy life, by learning to utilise natural tools, or an unhealthy life that harms the body and the mind and requires drugs and medicine to be sustained.

A few words about the author

He grew up in Greece and came to the UK in his 20’s for Engineering and IT studies. He worked as an IT consultant for over 30 years.

When his father was diagnosed in 1997 with terminal illness, he was inspired to start his life-long research on the mind-body-illness connection. He became a Mindset & Performance Coach, having helped thousands of people over the past twenty years to overcome their psychosomatic suffering or change behaviour, making them happier, stronger, healthier.


Constantinos Lambropoulos


eBook, Paperback