Philosophical Contradictions or Opposite Parallels


by Vasilis Flampouraris


Light everywhere.

The ethereal odors of the flowers hypnotize us imperceptibly.

The almond trees bloom like a wedding dress.

The south wind warms your breaths.

The winter of Dante’s hell is fled by the Renaissance of paradise.

Giotto creates the Second coming


Vasilis Flampouraris

FLAMPOURARIS VASILIS Flampouraris Vasilis was born in Athens. He is an anesthesiologist and a poet too. His wife is the famous author Vesela Flamburari. Awards Erotic Skirts Iolkos edition 2017 (1st prize Kefalos magazine 2017) Human notebook Iolkos edition 2018 (1st prize Kefalos magazine 2018) Andreas Laskaratos Award (Kefalos magazine 2019 ) Alkaios Award for the poetry collection - About Winds and Waters - in the world poetry competition K.P. KAVAFIS 2018-INTERNATIONAL ART ACADEMY. Simonidis Award for the poetry collection – Symbolism- in the world poetry competition K.P.KAVAFIS - INTERNATIONAL ART ACADEMY. Award from the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists for poetry collection -Human Notebook- 2019 Certificate of contribution: hereby awarded as a co-author of Songs of Peace- The World's Biggest Anthology 2020. (The League of Poets) Jury from 8 countries, participation of poets from 139 countries of the world.

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