Plain of War


By Stathis Habibis


From Petroulas’ assassination to the signing of the memoranda, two generations of Greeks fight their own battles and struggle with their own demons. The fear of the policeman gives place to the despair of consumers’ lonely society. The censorship of barefaced fascist regimes turns into apathy and cynicism, while the political paradox is confirmed…It takes strength to stand peace…The heroes of ‘Plain of War’ strive in the past as well as in the present for freedom and democracy but, above all, they strive to remain human, setting their hearts on the society of the future.


Stathis Habibis

Stathis Habibis was born in Athens on March 21st, 1979. He is a contemporary Greek poet and author. He has studied Physics at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and works as a school teacher. He is married and father of two children. He published in Greek the collection of poetry entitled ‘The Dance of the Dead’ with Eleftheros Typos Publications in 2004, the collection of poetry ‘On Withering Threshing Floors’ with New Diastasi (New Dimension) Editions in 2019 and the novel Plain of War with the same publications in the same year. His poems have been published in literary journals and included in the Anthology of New Greek Poetry by the Poetry Academy. His big dream is to create a universal society of Peace, Love, Justice and Real Democracy.

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