Red Games


by Marielen Queen Harris


Manhattan, New York. That’s where Melania Hart has lived for the past ten years, haunted by a secret overshadowing her existence. If her secret is discovered, she will be ruined. She has written a staggering novel, and desperately wants to get it published with Damian Red’s publishing house. The mysterious tycoon is the absolute male—breathtakingly handsome, masculine, and sexy, New York’s most popular bachelor. When Melania comes under attack inside Saks Department Store on Fifth Avenue on New Year’s Eve, she can’t imagine that this is the beginning of a chain of events that will threaten, not only the secret she wants to forget, but also her life. What will happen when Melania meets Damian? She followed one of the multiple jogging paths in the park. She was halfway through when a runner on skateboards pushed her over to the ground. Melania rubbed her knees and, taking a deep breath, she started running again. She was running without thinking, and she was so engrossed in her breathing that she didn’t hear the runner on the skateboards approach her again. This time, he attacked her by sticking his sharp knife into her left arm. She tried to stand up. The runner attacked her again, tripping her up and sticking his knife under her left shoulder blade this time, close to her heart. Melania fell down, but she tried to stand up again. He would kill her!


Marielen Queen Harris


eBook, Paperback