So near, so far


by Thanos Papatzitzes


Away from the battlefields, countless tragedies took place in the wake of the Second World War, compounding and subverting the lives of millions of people throughout Europe. What could possibly connect Anne, a beautiful university student, with charming Adolf other than family life and love that brought them together? The Great War’s ineffable horror makes its marks on human souls decades after it ended. The novel ‘So near, so far’ is a contemporary tragedy that seems to have sprung out of events like the ones that inspired the Ancient Greek Tragic Poets. In its pages come alive the heroes who seek their own catharsis and, through an ordeal, head for what seems to be a pre-ordained ending. Or maybe not.


Thanos Papatzitzes

Thanos Papatzitzes was born in Thessaly and grew up in Athens. He works as a doctor (obstetrician) in a big private clinic in Athens. So near, so far is his first book ever published in Greece and abroad with OnTime Books. He is already working on his next two books. He is mainly interested in poetry and two collections are underway. He has taken part in poetry contests and in his free time he watches movies. You can contact the author either on Facebook (his profile name is Thanos Papatzitzes) or at his email address

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