Sorry, Smyrna


By Theodoros Deftos


From the Eastern aromas to the refugee settlements in Kokinia and from the end of the 19th century to the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922: A journey in time and space with huge twists of fate. A story within a story. An adventure towards the unknown that begins when two siblings from Kordelio take their lives into their own hands.

Peter’s dreams concern the sea, while his sister Efterpi chases them in Smyrna, in the noble state of civilisation and love.

In the same place, though, fate schemes her own morbid plan that will shake up their lives forever, just like the lives of hundreds of thousands of Greek people living in Asia Minor.

A novel paying tribute to the most intense yet most promising as well as bleak moments of a city that was loved and extolled and still stirs so many emotions to date.


Theodoros Deftos


eBook, Paperback