Sounds in the Silence


By Smaragdi Mitropoulou


Thoughts that weren’t aired… forsaken dreams that were locked up in a wooden box… words committed to paper… Memories… In every corner of the world…gazing at the sea or the city lights. For…when the sounds in the silence sing, they have so much to say…to remind.


Smaragdi Mitropoulou

Smaragdi Mitropoulou was born in Athens. She has studied history and archeology at the University of Athens and had postgraduate history studies at the University of Cardiff, in Great Britain. She serves in secondary education. She is also a Creative Writing graduate (Diploma in Creative Writing) from the Writers’ Bureau College (Manchester, UK), and has studied theater writing at the International Theater Institute and directing at the Foundation of Culture in Tinos island. She is a member of the Greek Association of Literary Works and the Association of Greek Writers of Five Continents. She has been honored twice by the Fictional Larry Niven Prize for Literature ( "Fantasy" category). Her texts have been published on online sites such as:,,,,,, She writes for the newspapers "Andriaki" (column "Sea Paths of the Book") and "Literary Step-The Newspaper of Literature”

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