Stairway of a Woman


By Klairi Kanellopoulou


I look at the wall that surrounds you and wonder if it’s worth looking inside. All houses have walls. Some are well-groomed from the inside, while others don’t move me at all. What resides within you? A mess of uncollected years? Or maybe the warmth of the fireplace like the wonderful moments you lived near me?

When I touch you in the winter, you’re frozen. I don’t know why you have both cold hands and a cold heart. You don’t care about me in the winter. Or at least this first winter we spent together.

In the spring, your existence slowly gets warm. You change over time and transform into something more familiar to me. I can touch you without fear of being snapped at by your cold face.

You can endure the cold and the heat, the rain but also the sun. You will definitely endure me too. This book records the thoughts of a girl who lives in silence and loves nature when she is close to it — but she’s not close to it. It’s her own way to express herself, hoping he will listen to her one day.


Klairi Kanellopoulou


eBook, Paperback