Three to Tango


by Eva Serpioti


The husband, the wife and the lover. The author unravels her predicaments, fears, countless questions, remorse, insecurity and doubts of all three of them that are part of an illicit ménage a trois. She presents their problems of married life with the passage of time. She speaks frankly of compromise, assent, infidelity, all the way to how faith in people is shaken, which leads to a dramatic reversal in our dreams as partners and women.

The writer asserts that real love cannot be tamed, directed or distinguished into legal and illicit. Should people stay in a broken relationship when love is gone? Why do some people settle for love’s “crumbs and leftovers”? What is the recipe for a good life? An unputdownable book that you will read from cover to cover.


Eva Serpioti

Eva Serpioti is a journalist. She has worked with newspapers and magazines and on television, presenting educational and informative shows. She has presided over big mass media enterprises in Greece and Cyprus. When she is not travelling, she lives with her dogs in the mountain of Apollo, Parnassus, in Greece and contents herself with writing. She can be contacted at: and on her Facebook profile: Eva Serpioti.

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