The adventures of Samurai Nogasika San


by Eva Petropoulou – Lianou


Nogasika San decided to go up the mountain to visit the Fairy of the Dark Canyon. Before even seeing him, she said to him: “When you undertake your mission, just collect whatever you find on your way; take a large bag with you and put in it all the things you will find on your way. At some point, they will help you fool the wind and capture it, even for only a moment.” Nogasika San thanked the Fairy of the Dark Canyon and left surer, stronger, readier than ever to deal with the wind, with the feat his family imposed to him. He now felt prepared for that hard task. Descending   the   canyon’s   long   road, he   found   a   broken   compass, picked it up, looked at it for a moment and then, put it in his pocket. “I   need   to  get  a   big   sack   fast,”   he   thought… “I already found one object; maybe that’s what the Fairy was talking about. He put the compass in the inside pocket of his Japanese mantle. Although it was broken and pointed at the wrong side, at some point in the future, it would be useful for something very important. So, our hero trusted what the Fairy had said and proceeded in the wrong direction, heading south instead of north, as his compass indicated. Nogasika San had been walking for hours when he got to a green meadow where he came across a Buddhist monk who was sitting and praying in silence. The samurai leaned forward and asked for a blessing and guidance by the monk. He did not respond; he just signaled him to come closer and gave him a peacock feather. “Keep it. When the time comes, you’ll know   what   to   do. Go now!” Those were the words of the Buddhist monk who then closed his eyes and kept on praying.


Eva Petropoulou Lianou

Eva was born in Xylokastro where she completed her basics studies. She loved journalism by small and attended journalism lesson at the ANT1 School. In 1994 she worked as a journalist in French newspaper "Le LIBRE JOURNAL," but her love for Greece won and returned to her sunny home. Since 2002, she lives and works in Athens.She works as a web radio producer reading fairy tales at radio logotexniko vima every sunday. Recently she become responsible for the children literary section in Vivlio anazitiseis publications in Cuprys. She published books and ebooks: " I and my other avenger, my Skia publications Saita." "Zeraldin and The elf of the lake" in Italian and in French as well as “The daughter of the Moon” in 2 languages ​​English and Greek. The Moon Daughter published by Ocelotos 4 times, received best reviews for author's writing and writing style. She is a member of the Unesco Logos and Art Group, of the writers of Corinth, of Panhellenic Writers Association. Also her work is mentioned in the Known Greek awarded encyclopedia for Poets and authors, Harry Patsi, page 300. Her books have been cleared by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus. Eva’s recent work includes: "The water Amazon fairy called Myrtia" ,illustrated by Vivi Markatos, dedicated to a girl that become handicap after a sexual assault and the translation of stories of Lafcadio Hearn, "Fairytravel with stories from Far East", an idea that she worked more than 6 months illustrated by MsNtinaAnastasiadoy, very known sculptor and sumi e painter in Greece.

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