The Angels of NHS


By Niki Latinaki


Friends and companions, after my fight against the Covid-19 virus, I decided to share in these pages my experience and the feelings I experienced.

I want to dedicate these few pages to the NHS employees. From the cleaners to the doctors and researchers.

I deeply felt the need to bow before the power of their soul. To say a humble thank you to them. A thank you that seems small next to the daily struggle they gave and still give with death.

During those difficult hours, I saw with what self-sacrifice they snatched the patients from the nails of the insidious Covid-19 and brought them back to life.

They were and are the Heroes who did not bend, did not lose heart. Not for a moment did they fear in the face of the insidious enemy.

They did not give up the hard battle even at the cost of their lives.

They taught us the true values ​​of life which are none other than love, solidarity, generosity.


The NHS staff, my friends, are “Angels on Earth.”

Covid-19 is an insidious, tough, ruthless opponent.

But not invincible.

It hurt me, but it made me stronger, wiser.

I beat it! We beat it! With the help of God and the Angels of the NHS.

Angels of the NHS, thank you.

Opponent, friend, teacher Covid-19, thank you.

You became a starting point for new journeys with many dreams.

I will never forget you.


Niki Latinaki


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