The Chip of Knowledge


by Vaggelis Kaliosis


Is democracy a utopia or are citizens in a position to gestate within the confines of its modernistic dystopia? The book that reached the TOP in the category political fiction on Amazon, just two months after its publication…


Vaggelis Kaliosis

Vangelis Kaliosis is an author born in 1968. He lives in Athens. He has studied History at the Ionian University, and received an MA in Educational Leadership and Administration at the University of Nicosia. He works as a philologist at a public secondary school. He has published the following books in Greek: 1) “Balancing Acts,” Poetry, Epsilon Publications, 1991. 2) “A Mistress’s Hostage,” Short Stories, Kastaniotis Publications, 2006. 3) “And now what will we do without terrorists?”, Novel, Kastaniotis Publications, 2006. 4) “The Parliamentary Crisis and the Request for Direct Democracy,” Political essay, C. Dardianos Publications, 2011. 5) “Meeting Giannis Ritsos under the Moonlight Sonata,” Poetical composition, official website “Giannis Ritsos,” 2015, Ostria Publications, 2020 . 6) “The Chip of Knowledge,” Novel, Cactus Publications, 2019. In 2020, the music album "Democracy Fake" was released, which includes eleven songs in his own lyrics set to music by composer Sakis Tsilikis.

eBook, Paperback