The Dragon Doctor


By Asimina Stasinopoulou


Hermes is a young dragon who is scared to go to the doctor. When his mom, Zacharenia, tells him that they need to go to the dragons’ hospital for him to get vaccinated, he tries to avoid that. But on the way, he will learn about the necessary use of vaccines in our lives as well as about the basic rules of hygiene that we all should apply in our daily life so that we’re healthy and safe from microbes. “The Dragon Doctor” is the second book in the professions series and teaches in a smart and fun way the benefits of vaccination and the rules of hygiene that protect both our own health and that of people around us.


Asimina Stasinopoulou

She was born and raised in Athens of Greece. She is the mother of a minor boy who is her whole life. She graduates from School of Management and Economics in Kalamata. She has finished her studies in Computer Application and Office Automation in public IEK of Athens. From the young age she loved to travel with her pen and capture her thoughts on paper. She has published the following books in Greek: In 2018 “Τhe paths of love” novel from Anatolikos publications and the fairytale «The dragon fireman” from Oselotos publications. In 2019 she published her second novel “Power of Games” in collaboration with Oselotos publications. In 2020 she published her fairytale "The dragon doctor" in collaboration again with Oselotos publications which is dominate for the children book state awards from Greek government 2021. All her fairy tales have been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth of Cyprus as educational material for the library of students and teachers. In 2019 and 2020 she participated in the literary magazine of Kefalonia "Kefalos" with the fairytales "On the island of freedom" and "Grandpa's magic chest" respectively. Contact:

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