The Frog


By Mr. Panos Yalitsis


I believe each one of us will, at some point, meet someone who will play a decisive role in our lives, since they will affect, not only future time and its uncertainty, but also the certainty of the past. It usually comes unexpectedly, sneaks into your life and unsettles it, it shakes all stereotypes and deeply ingrained convictions, it gives you quite a jolt, it changes, deforms and transforms you — either rapidly or slowly. It makes you take a different perspective on your life. Not from a different angle — one way or another, you achieve that if you just move —, but from the same point where you always stood. Then, you wonder in puzzlement how on earth things look like you’ve never seen them before. Paul is a divorced man who has gone bankrupt. Every afternoon, he withdraws from a painful past as, seated on a park bench, he listens attentively to a weird story narrated by an enigmatic lonely writer. One day, the writer disappears in a mysterious way before he even finishes his story, leaving his dog with Paul. For the following ten months, Paul visits the same spot every single day to meet the strange man, to give his dog back and listen to the end of the story. A story that will play a decisive role in his future as well as his past.


Panos Yalitsis

Panos Yalitsis was born, raised, and lives in Athens, Greece. After his studies in acting, he started writing stories. "The Frog" is his first novel.

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