The Glorified Crown


By Spyros Angelopoulos


Everyone smiled and took a deep bow. From now on, they would be officially free and serve as guards of the — by divine right — Emperor of the Romans Justinian in divinely protected Constantinople, the city of myth and legend, lust and sigh. The city admired and coveted as everyone hankered after its riches, the city where for almost 1100 years beat the heart of the Ecumenical Hellenism. Constantinople in their eyes was the place where thousands of promises and dreams came true, that’s why they began to dream…incessantly. All of them were ready to follow the dictates of their fate, walk along the new roads of the City that unfolded before them, the roads of beauty and grandiosity, admiration and challenge, curiosity and ecstasy, joy and sorrow, the legends and the sighs of opportunities…


Spyros Angelopoulos


eBook, Paperback