The Grey Epic


By Ioannis Ayyoub


The story begins with Genesis. The Gods make up the pantheon of this world, the God continent of Dragon. Blood, Flesh, Breath and Death. The nameless one, the Witch, rules over the destiny of men. The offspring of her rape by her brother Kilbaher is Decay. Death. The creation off the continent of Dragon follows. After a thousand years, the four tribes that live in the tail of the Dragon in the steppe of mandrakes, according to the holy Jetnehaya, the second most sacred scripture after Genesis, are bound North for the purposes of exploration.
14000 years later, Johannes, the succesor of the Duchy of Grey, finds love in the face of a Thaletian dancer called Virevrith, while his father duke Esteban, the duke of the balance keepers, tries to find the balance for survival under the threat of a Third World War. In the Black kingdom of Humarkin, the professor of alchemy Melhedorth takes the sceptre after the assassination of the rightful king Abaen the Wise. Conspiracies from both the Grey and the White of Nagulorn will lead to the founding of the order of the Osturnaster under the sounds of war. The holy order of the quests.
Will Deheb, the people of the desert, survive a double holocaust? Will the templars be persecuted as heretics and keepers of the most dangerous secrets in the world? Will the Sixth fool his tragic fate of his family? The answers lie in the bloody pages of this book, in an autobiography that seems like a distorting mirror.


Ioannis Ayyoub

Ioannis or Johnny Ayyoub was born in Kozani Greece. His mother is Greek and his father Jordanian who has the Greek nationality. He is 43 years old, born on December 31 1978. He lived most of his life in Greece in the city of Thessaloniki. He studied Computing in the university of Lincolnshire and Humberside and although he was very interested in his studies a lot, art was his main endeavor. He writes since he remembers himself. He wrote innumerable poems and he's also a self taught musician. He completed his novel The Grey Epic in a period of twelve years which was his main activity as a hobby while he was working around the world in construction business. He visited and lived in many countries in Europe, Middle East and also USA and  South Africa. He is nowadays in the process of writing the sequel to the Grey Epic called grey epic archipelago as well as a horron novel. He writes poetry almost daily. His book the Grey epic was first published in Greece and then it was translated by Dr Dimitrios Thanasoulas in English and published with ontime books.

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