The Mourning The Long Journey


By Michaela Rafael


A true story, with harsh images and detailed, creepy or even painful for some readers, which highlights the facts, digs the wound, looks at the past, now adopts a new way of life through a new way of thinking, having a strong will.

I want to share with you the fall and the rebirth, I open the cards and unfold them in the dark, coming out into the Light.  Not only as a necessity and an outburst, but also as an integral part of every human life, through writing I will share with you thoughts and some of the mistakes of every moment of that time, through the pain of loss and through her feeling  revenge, justification, the process of a dark path with all that entails, and liberation from it.

Having as an example to teach what followed, the results with the crew of time and what we left behind with Love and Respect.  Because experience, my friends, is not the situations you go through, but the way you deal with them and the message you receive.

Good reading!


Michaela Rafael


eBook, Paperback