The Route and the Fare


By Stratis Galanos


A historical novel written with the technique of magical realism, the first part of a trilogy. January 5th, 1945: On the last night before its destruction at the close of the December Events, a female car, endowed with the rare gift of universal empathy, narrates her life story, a very real yet unbelievable story that begins in the Great-Depression America, continues in the Interwar-period Europe and ends in the Occupied Athens in between the Great Famine, the Resistance and civil division. She remembers her Ovidian transformations from a luxurious limousine into a taxicab and a steam powered Gazogène and from a passenger car into an ambulance, a hearse, and a hideout. She ponders on the complex and contradictory relationship between Machine and its constructors and users. But mostly, she talks about the individual destinies of the people who bought, rented, drove or used her, about famous and worldly people, humble citizens and aristocrats, capitalists, merchants, proletarians as well as about the destitute, outcasts, refugees, servants, prostitutes and black marketeers, soldiers, executioners and victims, members of the resistance and quislings and revolution professionals, traitors and heroes, innocent and guilty, the Daedalic stonewalling of fate and History that brought them all together like fellow passengers on a long journey with an uncertain destination and an unbearable fare.


Stratis Galanos

Stratis Galanos was born in Athens in 1968. He lives permanently in Nea Ionia, Attica. He is congenitally quadriplegic, he moves in a wheelchair during the day, breathes with an oxygen device at night, listens with a hearing aid and writes… but how does he write? You have to see it, to believe it. He studied Law at the University of Athens, where he graduated in 1991.   He speaks four languages, English, French, Italian and Spanish, with corresponding university degrees abroad.   After his internship, he worked first as a lawyer (1993-1996), then as a secretarial support clerk at ANTENNA, (1996) and finally as an administrative clerk at E.YD.A.P. (1997-2012), when he retired.   He was a member of the Audit Committee of the Panhellenic Association of Paraplegics - PA.S.PA.   From a young age he loved fairy tales and dreamed of one day becoming a storyteller himself; he finally managed to become a writer in his senior years. His first novel, The Route and the Fare, was released in April 2019 by the publishing house Livani and has already received rave reviews from book critics. Translated into English and released in February 2021 on the English-language market by OnTime Books to be followed in the summer of 2021 by the release of the second volume of the trilogy entitled, What's remained: A Scarab. The Waldstein Sonata is his third stand-alone novel. It will be released in Greek by Hydroplano and then in English by OnTime Books.

eBook, Paperback