The Young Wizard: Merlow’s Sword


by Christina Nakou


“It all boils down to strategy, my child. Being able to guess and understand your co-player’s next move. That’s how we can understand the enemy’s repertoire.”

These were Grandfather Marco’s last words just before he died in front of his grandson’s eyes. He was left alone in a different reality without getting the answers he needed.

How would he save Ariadne? Where were his parents? Who was the young wizard and why did the ruthless Witch Lamia fight him with her army?

That’s where an outrageous adventure begins for him, an adventure he could never imagine…


Christina Nakou

Christina Nakou was born in Mytilene, Lesvos in 1982, but grew up in Athens. She has studied to be a Medical Laboratory Assistant and a nurse. She is a mother with a child. She is into Tango Argentino and Latin dances, while she also dabbles in painting. In 2013, she attended a three-month seminar on music radio production as she adores music and she conducted radio programmes for over a year. Still, she has always been drawn to the magic world of writing, so in 2014 she began to write the first part of her trilogy entitled, The Young Wizard: Merlow’s Sword, which was published with Ostria Editions. In 2021, her book was translated into English and came out with OnTime Books.  Besides, she collaborates with music composer Michalis Soumas, who has set to music thirteen songs of hers that will accompany the second part of her trilogy entitled, The Young Wizard: The Invisible Threat.      She has also been awarded at the contest held by the e-magazine Cephalus.

eBook, Paperback