What are you hiding?


by Giota Stefanou – Gargala


Thirty years ago, a crime shook up a small provincial city, and a family was torn apart by accusations.

Efstathia changes name and country, and throws stones of oblivion behind her. Now as Eva, a formerly successful company executive, is called on to go back to her homeland to take care of her stepmother and mentally unstable brother.

Going back, she is forced to feel for her old wounds, and relive the betrayal of a man who hurt her deeply. The past, more alive than ever, traps her again in a maze of secret and lies. Everything looks disheartening and inevitable. To escape, she needs to discover the truth…

A game of intrigue, illusion, and self-deception, where the harshness of heroes clashes with their need for love.


Giota Stefanou - Gargala

She has studied Medicine and written five books: 1. A rolling love gathers no moss. 2. The female hunter. 3. The plain of dolls. 4. The couple across the street no longer quarrel. 5. What are you hiding?

eBook, Paperback