With LIGHT as Our Compass


Βy Paris Katsivelos


Described as…

– A landmarking book in the international literature of Self-Improvement, Metaphysics and Esotericism.

– A book that provides answers and solutions to existential questions and problems that torment us.

– “A life manual,” “A rescue guide,” or “A compass of safe cruising through the hardship of living”!

– 35 chapters, full of Documents and Truths, full of evidence for the existence of other dimensions.

– 499 pages with exciting and breath-taking adventures, from the battles of Light and darkness.

– A shocking experiential wandering, of turbulence, turmoil, and swirling.

– A journey of life, training, apprenticeship, and awareness at the footpaths of predetermined trials and karmic repayment (clearing of old debts).

– An adventurous path of agonising search in the Visible and Invisible Worlds within us and around us […] But also a course in places and countries of Light, with Blessings, Miracles, Gifts from Above, joys, and Favours of all kinds!!!

– A continuous steady course for the Light, toward the Light and always “With Light  as Our Compass.”

Media, in their printed or digital form, or on the radio, embraced and continue to embrace the book “With LIGHT As Our Compass”. Personalities of importance gave positive or even enthusiastic reviews about the book, among them: Ecumenical Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW, Academics, University Professors, Scientists and Famous Artists (Inside book).


Paris Katsivelos


eBook, Paperback